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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1, "As a Kid I was the Youngest"

* Kurt Vonnegut describes his upbringing, and the challenges of being the youngest member of a family.

* Kurt emphasizes the importance of humor in his life and success.

* Kurt demonstrates how humor can lighten almost any situation, and uses the example of a joke made during the bombing of Dresden.

Chapter 2, "Do You Know What A Twerp Is?"

* Kurt emphasizes the importance of reading great books and authors.

* Kurt criticizes the use of petroleum.

* Kurt defends the role of modern Socialism in America.

* Kurt describes his difficulties in writing "Slaughterhouse Five."

Chapter 3, "Here is a Lesson in Creative Writing"

* Kurt gives readers some frank advice on writing.

* Kurt describes a series of formulas that he claims comprise almost all mainstream plots.

* Kurt uses the example of "Hamlet" to demonstrate a truly successful story.

Chapter 4, "I'm Going to Tell You Some News"

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