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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT one of the synonyms for phlegm used in chapter 52?
(a) Mucus.
(b) Viscous semi-fluid.
(c) Slime.
(d) Snot.

2. What does Tom tell Dick about Mary's baby?
(a) That the baby really was Freddie Parr's.
(b) That the baby is Dick's.
(c) That the baby was Harold Metcalf's.
(d) That it's Dick's fault the baby died.

3. How did Mary's father Harold Metcalf treat Tom's father Harry?
(a) Like an angry father treats his daughter's murderer.
(b) Like a high and mighty squire treats a supplicant serf.
(c) Like a man treats his long-lost brother.
(d) Like a priest treats an unrepentent sinner.

4. Tom thinks that progress leads...
(a) Nowhere.
(b) Back to where we started.
(c) To a brighter future.
(d) To forgetting.

5. What does Tom compare the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to?
(a) Plucking a chicken.
(b) A circus attraction.
(c) Mary's abortion.
(d) A puppet show.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom compares Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to what at the eve of the French Revolution?

2. Where does Tom go after he leaves Mary at the insane asylum?

3. Where did the stuffed pike come from?

4. What is NOT one of the grotesque details Tom Crick lists to show that the French Revolution should better be remembered for its guillotines than for the festive spirit of the French on July 14th, when they "prefer fairy tales" about their history.

5. What is Martha Clay's pet?

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