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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Dick Crick when he hears the church bells ring?
(a) He hears his wife's voice in the sound of the bells.
(b) He sees the ghost of Sarah Atkinson next to him.
(c) He takes Mary's hand and dies.
(d) The sun shines on his face and he smiles.

2. What do Tom and Mary hope will happen as they drive back to the supermarket to return the child?
(a) That they can find the mother and return the child quietly.
(b) That the mother will not have noticed that the child has gone.
(c) That the mother will have simply disappeared.
(d) That the mother will let them keep the child.

3. What is the catastrophe that hits Europe in January 1937?
(a) Word War II begins.
(b) A series of catastrophic floods.
(c) A record cold winter.
(d) A flu epidemic.

4. What temperament does phlegm tend towards, as reflected in the mood of the landscape the novel is set in and in the mood of many of its major characters?
(a) Sanguine.
(b) Inquisitive.
(c) Melancholic.
(d) Choleric.

5. While Martha locks herself in with Mary, she asks Tom to do what outside?
(a) Pluck a duck.
(b) Pray to the Virgin Mary.
(c) Stand guard.
(d) Chop firewood.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Tom's mind, the headmaster thinks of the school as what, figuratively speaking?

2. What is the historical fact that Tom says "history scarcely finds time to mention"?

3. What is the way out everybody in Price's nightmare uses except for Price?

4. What is the title Ernest Atkinson gives Dick in the letter?

5. Where does Tom Crick take Price to talk about Tom's forced retirement?

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