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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gives the Atkinsons the decisive advantage over the other brewers in the Gildsey area?
(a) They grow the best malt barley for beer brewing in the area.
(b) They invent the steam engine.
(c) An ancestor saves Queen Elizabeth, is knighted and given a royal commission.
(d) They return rich from an exploration to the Americas.

2. What was Freddie Parr's father, Jack Parr, infamous for in the Gildsey area?
(a) His tendency to get into fights with the local barman.
(b) His ability to smuggle liquor out of an American military base nearby.
(c) His heckling of young women who worked in the fields.
(d) His habit of stealing livestock off the river barges.

3. What is it that Tom decides he must find at all cost?
(a) His grandfather's diary.
(b) A key to his mother's chest in the attic.
(c) A full bottle of Coronation Ale.
(d) A way to expose Dick as Freddie's murderer.

4. The effects of Ernest's special ale caused all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) The mass desertion of the army troops stationed in the town to the taverns.
(b) Wild improvisations by the marching band.
(c) The near-collision of two pleasure boats whose steersmen had drunk too much.
(d) The premature setting off of the evening's fireworks.

5. What about the scene at the Lode does NOT remind Tom of the later scene of Freddie Parr's death?
(a) A bottle drifting in the water.
(b) Freddie Parr in the water.
(c) Dick standing on the wooden bridge.
(d) A boat-hook lying on the riverbank.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Crick mentions a similarity his father found between his home and the battlefields of World War I. What is that similarity?

2. What is the landscape the novel is set in?

3. What sort of proof does Mary offer that Dick cannot be the father of her child?

4. What does Freddie Parr do to Mary as revenge for setting him up to lose the competition because she knew he couldn't swim?

5. What about Mary strikes Tom when he returns from Germany at the end of World War II to marry her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Chapter 26 is a long dissertation by Tom Crick about the mating habits of the eel. Recall three theories about how eels procreate that naturalists have advanced over the millennia.

2. In chapter 22, the role of Ernest Atkinson in the events of Coronation Day is ambiguous. Please describe the events of Coronation Day and why they appear to have happened.

3. In chapter 46, Tom opens his mother's chest in the attic and finds a few items. What are they and what is their significance?

4. In chapter 24, Tom, Dick, Freddie Parr, Mary Metcalf, and a few other kids are playing together near the water. What is the importance of the eel to all the events that transpire afterwards?

5. Chapter 51 is titled "About Phlegm." What is the significance of phlegm for the novel?

6. In chapter 29, Tom comes up with a way to test whether Dick killed Freddie Parr. What does he do to provoke a reaction from Dick? What reaction does he get?

7. Chapter 16 is titled "Longitude 0┬░." What is this a reference to?

8. In chapter 5, what does Tom notice about Freddie Parr's face, and what does he conclude from it?

9. In chapter 8, Tom Crick speaks about how humans tell stories. What are some examples he uses about how history and fiction sometimes seem to overlap?

10. At the end of chapter 45, Tom and Dick have a conversation about Mary and her baby. What is the one thing Dick confesses to Harry, and what are the two things Tom tells Dick?

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