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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the River Tom Crick describes at great length to explain how the landscape of the novel's setting is formed?
(a) The Tyne.
(b) The Thames.
(c) The Ouse.
(d) The Cam.

2. How does Freddie Parr's father Jack react to the ruling by the court that Freddie's death was an accident?
(a) He curses the judge and accuses Tom Crick of killing Freddie.
(b) He has a heart attack in the court room and dies on the spot.
(c) He walks out of the court room and is never seen again.
(d) He goes to sit on the train tracks to commit suicide, but no train appears.

3. How does Tom react to Mary's statement that "everything has changed" with Freddie's death.
(a) He slaps Mary and shouts,
(b) He says nothing and watches Mary run off into the night.
(c) He laughs uncontrollably.
(d) He tears up lumps of grass and angrily throws them around.

4. What does Tom compare the sound of Dick's motorcycle to the evening Mary has broken up with Tom?
(a) Machine gun fire.
(b) The growling of an angry beast.
(c) The thudding of his own heart.
(d) A bomber airplane.

5. What tells Tom that he and Mary must finish their argument quickly because the park is about to close?
(a) The sunset glistening on the duck pond.
(b) The steady stream of dog owners towards the park gates.
(c) The park-keeper's bell.
(d) The gruff voice of the park warden asking others to leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom Crick find in the river that he thinks caused the bruise that killed Freddie Parr?

2. What game are Tom Crick, Freddie Parr, Peter Baine, and Terry Coe playing with Mary Metcalf and Shirley Alford on the banks of the Hockwell Lode as Dick Crick looks on?

3. What does Ernest Atkinson do that marks the first step in his family's economic decline?

4. What is NOT one of the names the Atkinsons give their special-occasion ales?

5. Whom does Tom Crick quote as saying, "we cannot step into the same river twice?"

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 19, Tom Crick describes the beginning of the decline of his grandfather, Ernest Atkinson. Discuss what caused that decline.

2. In chapter 14, Tom Crick's student Price asks him whether Tom thinks "we can find whatever we like in history." What it Tom's reply?

3. In chapter 13, Tom Crick uses a pun on the word "histrionics" to explain his feelings. What is that pun and what is its significance?

4. What is the significance of phlegm for the body according to chapter 51?

5. In chapter 48, what is the difficulty the headmaster runs into when he tries to announce Tom Cricks' retirement to the students at the school?

6. Who does the chapter title "The Saviour of the World" refer to, and what does it mean?

7. In chapter 2, a student called Price interrupts Tom Crick, the history teacher, to tell him what about history?

8. In chapter 34, Mary's experiment to teach Dick about love ends abruptly. How?

9. IIn Chapter 43, what significant change occurs in Tom and Price's attitude toward history?

10. In chapter 8, Tom Crick speaks about how humans tell stories. What are some examples he uses about how history and fiction sometimes seem to overlap?

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