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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the supermarket that Mary stole the baby from?
(a) Tesco.
(b) Safeways.
(c) Sainsburys.
(d) Morrisons.

2. How did Mary's father Harold Metcalf treat Tom's father Harry?
(a) Like an angry father treats his daughter's murderer.
(b) Like a high and mighty squire treats a supplicant serf.
(c) Like a man treats his long-lost brother.
(d) Like a priest treats an unrepentent sinner.

3. What is the reason Mary gives Tom for trying to seduce Dick in chapter 32?
(a) Her desire to make Dick feel less lonely.
(b) Her wish to make Tom jealous.
(c) Her curiosity.
(d) Her fear of Dick's anger.

4. What is NOT one of the grotesque details Tom Crick lists to show that the French Revolution should better be remembered for its guillotines than for the festive spirit of the French on July 14th, when they "prefer fairy tales" about their history.
(a) Headless corpses that flailed and kicked.
(b) Old women knitting at the scaffold.
(c) Ravens picking at piles of corpses.
(d) Corpseless heads that rolled their eyes and screamed.

5. In Tom's mind, the headmaster thinks of the school as what, figuratively speaking?
(a) A kennel for wild dogs.
(b) An atomic bomb shelter.
(c) A duck pond with a fence.
(d) A swamp full of lost sheep.

6. What is the historical fact that Tom says "history scarcely finds time to mention"?
(a) That King Arthur was not English at all, but rather Welsh.
(b) That Marie Antoinette never said the phrase, "let them eat cake."
(c) That 55,000 German civilians died in the fire bombing Hamburg by the Allies.
(d) That on the eve of the French Revolution Louis XVI mourned his firstborn.

7. Tom compares Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to what at the eve of the French Revolution?
(a) Two scared rabbits trapped in a hole.
(b) The French people's father and wicked step-mother.
(c) Adam and Eve on the day the serpent came.
(d) Him and Mary.

8. What temperament does phlegm tend towards, as reflected in the mood of the landscape the novel is set in and in the mood of many of its major characters?
(a) Sanguine.
(b) Melancholic.
(c) Choleric.
(d) Inquisitive.

9. What does the headmaster calls the students of the Holocaust Club?
(a) Prophets of doom.
(b) Exemplary visionaries.
(c) Fear-mongering morons.
(d) Crick-loving losers.

10. What is the title Ernest Atkinson gives Dick in the letter?
(a) Most Beloved Grandson.
(b) Saviour of the World.
(c) An expletive.
(d) Earl of Gildsey.

11. How long does Harry Crick have to wait until he is rescued?
(a) A night and a day.
(b) A week.
(c) Three days and nights.
(d) Not even ten minutes.

12. How does Harry Crick find out that his son Dick is in love with Mary?
(a) Dick asks how babies are made.
(b) Dick angrily shouts at Tom to stay away from Mary.
(c) He overhears Dick talking to himself about Mary.
(d) Mary's father, Harold Metcalf, asks him to keep Dick away from Mary.

13. On what days does Tom stay at home at night because Dick spends the evenings out with Mary?
(a) Monday and Thursday.
(b) Tuesday and Friday.
(c) Wednesday and Saturday.
(d) Wednesday and Sunday.

14. What is the catastrophe that hits Europe in January 1937?
(a) A record cold winter.
(b) A series of catastrophic floods.
(c) A flu epidemic.
(d) Word War II begins.

15. When Harry Crick hears that Mary told her father that Tom is the father of her aborted child, what does he tell Tom they should do?
(a) Repent and confess to a priest.
(b) Get married.
(c) Stay away from each other.
(d) Never mention it again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Cricks' golden retriever?

2. What does Tom compare migrating geese to in the winter of 1943?

3. Who turns out to be Ernest's other child?

4. Whom does Helen Crick ask to see when she is on her deathbed?

5. What is Tom Crick's response to Mary's claim that God speaks to her.

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