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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tom Crick compares the end of a person's life to...
(a) A jungle of tangled memories.
(b) A creeping darkness.
(c) Drowning in a sea of regrets.
(d) A second childhood.

2. What does Tom Crick say is the mission of a history teacher?
(a) To instill in his students a sense of destiny.
(b) To make sure his students end up loving history.
(c) To teach his students about mistakes.
(d) To motivate his students to be active citizens.

3. Who tells Harry Crick the truth about Freddie Parr and Dick?
(a) Tom.
(b) Dick.
(c) The ghost of Sarah Atkinson.
(d) Mary.

4. What do Tom and Mary hope will happen as they drive back to the supermarket to return the child?
(a) That they can find the mother and return the child quietly.
(b) That the mother will not have noticed that the child has gone.
(c) That the mother will let them keep the child.
(d) That the mother will have simply disappeared.

5. What does Tom compare the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to?
(a) A puppet show.
(b) Plucking a chicken.
(c) Mary's abortion.
(d) A circus attraction.

6. What temperament does phlegm tend towards, as reflected in the mood of the landscape the novel is set in and in the mood of many of its major characters?
(a) Melancholic.
(b) Choleric.
(c) Sanguine.
(d) Inquisitive.

7. What does Tom tell Dick about Mary's baby?
(a) That the baby was Harold Metcalf's.
(b) That the baby is Dick's.
(c) That the baby really was Freddie Parr's.
(d) That it's Dick's fault the baby died.

8. What does the headmaster calls the students of the Holocaust Club?
(a) Crick-loving losers.
(b) Exemplary visionaries.
(c) Fear-mongering morons.
(d) Prophets of doom.

9. Harry feels ridiculous in Tom's presence, because while Tom read history books Harry did what?
(a) Doted on Dick.
(b) Drunk himself to sleep.
(c) Talked to chickens.
(d) Hunted waterfowl.

10. Who buys a large house in Gildsey for the newly married Tom and Mary?
(a) Dick Crick.
(b) Harry Crick.
(c) Harold Metcalf.
(d) Tom Crick.

11. What do the student chant at the headmaster while he is giving his speech?
(a) Get lost, old man!
(b) Fear is here!
(c) Give us Crick!
(d) History is dead!

12. What is the feeling Tom has about leaving Mary at the insane asylum?
(a) That she will get better with time.
(b) He is afraid she'll be abused.
(c) That he is not leaving her, but she him.
(d) He feels strangely elated.

13. What does Price shout when Tom Crick stands up to give his farewell speech?
(a) All teachers are fascists!
(b) Shut up! Get out!
(c) No cuts! Keep Crick!
(d) History is dead!

14. How does Tom react to finding the child Mary has stolen?
(a) He grabs it and they struggle.
(b) He is too dumbfounded to react.
(c) He shouts for help.
(d) He immediately calls the police.

15. What is not one of the things Tom does in the evenings when he alone?
(a) Smoke cigarettes.
(b) Drink heavily.
(c) Grade papers.
(d) Cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the question Price asks Tom during their evening spent together that shakes Tom most deeply?

2. While Martha locks herself in with Mary, she asks Tom to do what outside?

3. While Harry Crick recovers from his ordeal, whom does Mary remind him of?

4. What is Dick's reaction to the revelation about his birth?

5. How long does Harry Crick have to wait until he is rescued?

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