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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mesmerized King Canute as he was rowed past Ely?
(a) The chanting of the monks at the Ely monastery.
(b) The beauty of the girls washing laundry near the riverbank.
(c) The sound of the sea breeze as it rushed through the reeds.
(d) The singing of the swans in the fens.

2. What is the name of the student Tom Crick butts heads with the most?
(a) Price.
(b) Jerome.
(c) Dick.
(d) George.

3. How does Tom eventually arrange to marry Mary, even though her father Harold Metcalf hates him?
(a) Mary ignores her father and elopes with Tom.
(b) Tom comes home a war hero, and Harold Metcalf is too embarrassed to say no.
(c) Tom's father Harry asks Harold for permission in the place of his son.
(d) Tom breaks into the Metcalf home at night and runs off with Mary.

4. What is Ernest Atkinson's reaction to the fire?
(a) He frantically alerts the fire brigade, but they are too drunk to help.
(b) He weeps openly on front of the entire town.
(c) He sings loudly with the other revelers as the brewery collapses.
(d) He shows no reaction and drives off to his country estate.

5. What game are Tom Crick, Freddie Parr, Peter Baine, and Terry Coe playing with Mary Metcalf and Shirley Alford on the banks of the Hockwell Lode as Dick Crick looks on?
(a) Underwater hide and seek.
(b) They ask each other silly riddles.
(c) A raucous game of catch.
(d) A coy game of Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine.

6. What does Dick do when he finds the bottle?
(a) He hides it in a wooden chest with a lock in the attic.
(b) He ties it to the handle of his motorbike with a piece of string.
(c) He screams and later says he saw Sarah Atkinson's ghost.
(d) He threatens Tom not to tell anyone about it or he will hurt Tom.

7. On the day that Freddie Parr was found dead in the river, Mary confesses what to Tom?
(a) That she is about to run off to London to hide from her father.
(b) That she is pregnant from Tom, but told Dick it was Freddie's child.
(c) That she pushed Freddie into the river.
(d) That she saw Freddie attack Dick the night before by the river bridge.

8. What is the agreement between Helen and Ernest Atkinson in exchange for Ernest allowing Helen to marry Harry Crick?
(a) That Helen will have Ernest's child.
(b) That Helen will become a nurse at the Kessling Hall asylum.
(c) That Helen will help Ernest commit suicide.
(d) That Helen will find a way to assuage Sarah Atkinson's ghost.

9. What does Tom notice for the first time when Mary struggles with Freddie Parr's prank?
(a) That Mary is ticklish.
(b) That Freddie Parr is a drunkard.
(c) That Dick is interested in Mary and that Mary is interested in Dick.
(d) That Terry Coe is afraid of eels.

10. What is it that Tom decides he must find at all cost?
(a) A way to expose Dick as Freddie's murderer.
(b) His grandfather's diary.
(c) A full bottle of Coronation Ale.
(d) A key to his mother's chest in the attic.

11. What did the inquest decide was the cause of Freddie Parr's death?
(a) Freddie had been robbed and drowned by thugs.
(b) Freddie had been hit on the head with a bottle.
(c) Freddie had committed suicide.
(d) Freddie was drunk, fell in the water, and could not swim.

12. What does Tom Crick find in the river that he thinks caused the bruise that killed Freddie Parr?
(a) A beer bottle from the defunct Atkinson brewery.
(b) A wrench Dick uses to fix his motorbike.
(c) A cricket bat with an odd indentation and a label that reads F.P.
(d) A metal ball from a slingshot Tom has seen Jack Parr use to kill birds.

13. What is the lesson about history that Tom Crick draws from the study of eel mating behavior?
(a) The eel is much more adapted to life on earth than humans are.
(b) While humans die, some life forms like the eel seem to live forever.
(c) The true future of mankind lies West of the Atlantic Ocean.
(d) What human beings think of as major historical events makes little difference to other life on earth.

14. Which of the following does NOT draw Mary and Tom closer together?
(a) They both take the same train to school every day.
(b) They both escape to the ruined windmill together in the afternoons.
(c) They both have odd older brothers.
(d) They both grew up without a mother.

15. Where do the Cricks find the body of Freddie Parr?
(a) Drifting along the canal at the Atkinson Lock.
(b) Hung from the rafters in the Cricks' barn.
(c) Sprawled in shrubbery by the side of the Ouse River Road.
(d) Slumped over the table at Jack Parr's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the great mystery about the eel that nobody has been able to explain?

2. Who is the patron saint of Gildsey?

3. What is the name of the ale Ernest Atkinson brews that seems to cause the end of any respect for him in Gildsey because it is too good?

4. Tom Crick's wife, Mary, has been sent to a mental institution. Why?

5. What does Tom Crick mean by the term "Natural History"?

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