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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39 | Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the agreement between Helen and Ernest Atkinson in exchange for Ernest allowing Helen to marry Harry Crick?
(a) That Helen will become a nurse at the Kessling Hall asylum.
(b) That Helen will have Ernest's child.
(c) That Helen will help Ernest commit suicide.
(d) That Helen will find a way to assuage Sarah Atkinson's ghost.

2. What is it that Tom decides he must find at all cost?
(a) A full bottle of Coronation Ale.
(b) A key to his mother's chest in the attic.
(c) A way to expose Dick as Freddie's murderer.
(d) His grandfather's diary.

3. What about Mary strikes Tom when he returns from Germany at the end of World War II to marry her?
(a) How frail and vulnerable she seems.
(b) How much of her old spark and curiosity she has lost.
(c) How tough and independent she has become.
(d) How much more beautiful she has become.

4. During the festivities for the newly crowned King George V, the New Atkinson Brewery is destroyed. How?
(a) An accidental explosion in the boiler room.
(b) An overexcited mob looking for more ale.
(c) A delivery truck rams one of the main pillars and collapses the building.
(d) A fire nobody can explain.

5. After Freddie's death, Mary reacts in a drastic way. What does she do?
(a) She attempts to commit suicide by drowning herself.
(b) She locks herself into her father's house for three years.
(c) She strangles Tom's favorite kitten.
(d) She runs away to London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disaster befalls Sarah Atkinson when she is 37 years old?

2. To what does Tom Crick compare the soil of the Fens?

3. What does Tom Crick mean by the term "Natural History"?

4. What is the landscape the novel is set in?

5. What does Ernest Atkinson convert his manor Kessling Hall into?

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