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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21 | Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one of the following is NOT one of the ghosts that is said to haunt the marches along the River Leem?
(a) The Grim Hound of Gargoyle Hall.
(b) The Headless Ferryman of Staithe.
(c) The Monk of Sudchurch.
(d) The Singing Swans of Wash Fen Mere.

2. What gives the Atkinsons the decisive advantage over the other brewers in the Gildsey area?
(a) An ancestor saves Queen Elizabeth, is knighted and given a royal commission.
(b) They invent the steam engine.
(c) They grow the best malt barley for beer brewing in the area.
(d) They return rich from an exploration to the Americas.

3. What is the motto of the New Brewery in Gildsey?
(a) Quid Pro Quo.
(b) Sine Qua Non.
(c) E Pluribus Unum.
(d) Ex Aqua Fermentum.

4. What tells Tom that he and Mary must finish their argument quickly because the park is about to close?
(a) The steady stream of dog owners towards the park gates.
(b) The park-keeper's bell.
(c) The gruff voice of the park warden asking others to leave.
(d) The sunset glistening on the duck pond.

5. What does Ernest Atkinson do with the three remaining steam ships he owns?
(a) He names them after his daughter, Helen I, Helen II, and Helen III.
(b) He sells them to the city of Gildsey for the use of the fire brigade.
(c) He converts them into pleasure cruise ships.
(d) He donates them to the army to aid in the war effort.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom thinks that people who focus on ideals like the Declaration of the Rights of Man instead of the details of the French Revolution forget what important fact?

2. What does Tom compare the sound of Dick's motorcycle to the evening Mary has broken up with Tom?

3. What does the phrase "in loco parentis" mean?

4. Who says, "explaining's a way of avoiding the facts while you pretend to get near to them?"

5. How does Freddie Parr's father Jack react to the ruling by the court that Freddie's death was an accident?

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