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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21 | Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Henry Crick's occupation?
(a) Brewmaster at the Atkinson Brewery.
(b) History teacher.
(c) Lock keeper at the Atkinson Lock.
(d) Barge captain on the River Ouse.

2. What does Tom dream that he considers telling the headmaster about?
(a) He dreams of a woman wailing in a supermarket.
(b) He dreams of the headmaster drowning in a canal.
(c) He dreams of Mary as she was when she was 15.
(d) He dreams of Price as the Prime Minister of Britain.

3. How does Freddie Parr's father Jack react to the ruling by the court that Freddie's death was an accident?
(a) He has a heart attack in the court room and dies on the spot.
(b) He goes to sit on the train tracks to commit suicide, but no train appears.
(c) He curses the judge and accuses Tom Crick of killing Freddie.
(d) He walks out of the court room and is never seen again.

4. What secret does Tom reveal to his students about Lewis Scott, the headmaster of the school?
(a) The headmaster cheated to receive his university degree.
(b) The headmaster is having an affair with his secretary, Miss Plum.
(c) The headmaster was once arrested for cross-dressing.
(d) The headmaster keeps whisky bottles in his filing cabinet.

5. Where do the Cricks find the body of Freddie Parr?
(a) Hung from the rafters in the Cricks' barn.
(b) Slumped over the table at Jack Parr's house.
(c) Drifting along the canal at the Atkinson Lock.
(d) Sprawled in shrubbery by the side of the Ouse River Road.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the historical event that Tom Crick keeps returning to over and over again as he explains that history seems to move in a circle?

2. Tom confronts Price about his frequent interruptions during class. What question does Price's reluctance about history boil down to?

3. What did the inquest decide was the cause of Freddie Parr's death?

4. What does Ernest Atkinson, Tom's grandfather, do that marks the beginning of a long list of scandalous behavior?

5. Tom tells us that as a young teenager Mary liked to "experiment" with boys. Whom does he NOT suspect her of sleeping with?

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