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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 | Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does NOT draw Mary and Tom closer together?
(a) They both escape to the ruined windmill together in the afternoons.
(b) They both take the same train to school every day.
(c) They both grew up without a mother.
(d) They both have odd older brothers.

2. On the day that Freddie Parr was found dead in the river, Mary confesses what to Tom?
(a) That she pushed Freddie into the river.
(b) That she is about to run off to London to hide from her father.
(c) That she saw Freddie attack Dick the night before by the river bridge.
(d) That she is pregnant from Tom, but told Dick it was Freddie's child.

3. What does Tom Crick tell his students is the difference between animals and humans?
(a) Humans have the ability to forgive each other.
(b) Animals don't kill each other out of jealousy.
(c) Humans can plan for the future.
(d) Humans tell each other stories.

4. What was Freddie Parr's father, Jack Parr, infamous for in the Gildsey area?
(a) His tendency to get into fights with the local barman.
(b) His heckling of young women who worked in the fields.
(c) His habit of stealing livestock off the river barges.
(d) His ability to smuggle liquor out of an American military base nearby.

5. What is the object that Dick Crick treats like it is a real person?
(a) His motorbike.
(b) His father's radio.
(c) His dead mother's sewing machine.
(d) His barge engine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Crick's wife, Mary, has been sent to a mental institution. Why?

2. The headmaster of the school where Tom Crick teaches history thinks Tom should retire from his job. Why?

3. What does Tom Crick find in the river that he thinks caused the bruise that killed Freddie Parr?

4. What disaster befalls Sarah Atkinson when she is 37 years old?

5. What did the inquest decide was the cause of Freddie Parr's death?

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