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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33 | Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom Crick tell his students is the difference between animals and humans?
(a) Humans tell each other stories.
(b) Humans have the ability to forgive each other.
(c) Animals don't kill each other out of jealousy.
(d) Humans can plan for the future.

2. What does Tom notice for the first time when Mary struggles with Freddie Parr's prank?
(a) That Terry Coe is afraid of eels.
(b) That Dick is interested in Mary and that Mary is interested in Dick.
(c) That Freddie Parr is a drunkard.
(d) That Mary is ticklish.

3. How does Tom react to Mary's statement that "everything has changed" with Freddie's death.
(a) He laughs uncontrollably.
(b) He tears up lumps of grass and angrily throws them around.
(c) He slaps Mary and shouts,
(d) He says nothing and watches Mary run off into the night.

4. On the day that Freddie Parr was found dead in the river, Mary confesses what to Tom?
(a) That she is about to run off to London to hide from her father.
(b) That she is pregnant from Tom, but told Dick it was Freddie's child.
(c) That she pushed Freddie into the river.
(d) That she saw Freddie attack Dick the night before by the river bridge.

5. How does Harry Crick find out that his son Dick is in love with Mary?
(a) Dick asks how babies are made.
(b) Dick angrily shouts at Tom to stay away from Mary.
(c) Mary's father, Harold Metcalf, asks him to keep Dick away from Mary.
(d) He overhears Dick talking to himself about Mary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about the scene at the Lode does NOT remind Tom of the later scene of Freddie Parr's death?

2. What does Mary fail to explain to Dick properly, with terrible consequences?

3. What is the worst thing Tom Crick can imagine?

4. Tom tells us that as a young teenager Mary liked to "experiment" with boys. Whom does he NOT suspect her of sleeping with?

5. Who says, "explaining's a way of avoiding the facts while you pretend to get near to them?"

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