Waterland Fun Activities

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Natural History Project

Natural history features prominently in Waterland. Have each student choose an obscure animal or geographic area. Have them write a natural history of that animal or geographic area, using chapters 8, 15, and 26 as models.

Family History Project

The family history of the Atkinsons and Cricks is an important part of the novel. Have each student research and write a short story about one of their own ancestors. The short story should reveal something about their relationships, what their profession looked like at the time, how the place where they lived influenced what they did for a living, and their social standing in the community.

Eel or Waterfowl Recipes

The inhabitants of the Fenlands subsist on eels and waterfowl. Those are delicacies in some parts of the world and staple foods in others, even if they may not be very popular where your student live. Have each...

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