Waterland Character Descriptions

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Alfred Atkinson - Together with his brother, this character is a successful businessman in Gildsey, where they found the Atkinson Water Transport Company and build a new brewery. He becomes mayor of Gildsey in 1848 and, with his brother, he builds Kessling Hall, a rural family retreat.

Arthur George Atkinson - In 1874, this character becomes a member of Parliament for Gildsey.

Earnest Richard Atkinson - This character is the narrator's grandfather. The character experiments with beer brewing and creates a special ale to celebrate George V's coronation in 1911. He sells much of the family business in Gildsey and fails at his political career. Eventually, he falls in love with his daughter, who bears him a child.

George Atkinson - This character becomes mayor of Gildsey in 1864. Together with his brother, he is a highly successful businessman who brings industrial progress to the entire region.

Josiah Atkinson -...

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