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Elizabeth Kolbert
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 11, how many Javan rhinos were believed to be left?

2. How many species of birds were estimated to live in the entire world?

3. When Cohn-Haft and his colleagues banded birds across the reserve, how many did they band?

4. In Chapter 11, how many species of Rhino did the author say still existed?

5. What did Paabo's team received as an award for a paper they published in "Science" in May 2010?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Suci get an ultrasound in Chapter 11?

2. How did tree diversity vary around the world?

3. What was interesting about the Alzatea verticillata tree?

4. As early as the 1840s what explanations had been proposed for the megafauna extinction?

5. What are some theories for why the alala became extinct in the wild?

6. In Chapter 10, what introduced species could the author see on her lawn?

7. What did the One Tree Island Research Station consist of?

8. What was Cohn-Haft's job when he first worked at Reserve 1202?

9. How did army ants differ from most other ants?

10. What was the white powder found on bats and that seemed to be killing them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Birnam Wood scenario speculated that climate change would cause trees to move upslope. How would climate change cause trees to move from a lower elevation to a higher elevation and why was that significant?

Essay Topic 2

Thomas Kuhn believed that perception played a role in scientific study. How did perception cause scientists to stubbornly hold on to misguided theories and what would finally cause theories to be abandoned or revised?

Essay Topic 3

Scientists speculate about the future of the earth and humans and a Sixth Extinction. Was a Sixth Extinction inevitable or were there ways that a Sixth Extinction could be averted?

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