The Sixth Extinction Short Essay - Answer Key

Elizabeth Kolbert
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1. What does the town of El Valle De Anton look like?

The town of El Valle sits in the middle of a volcanic crater in Panama that is four miles wide. Jagged hills surround the town like walls.The town has one main street, a police station, and an open-air market.

2. Where were the Panamanian golden frogs housed, when it was discovered they were dying?

The Panamanian golden frogs were housed in a block of rented rooms in a bed and breakfast, when it was discovered that they were dying. Tanks were set up in the rooms to protect the frogs.

3. Where was the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center located and what does it look like?

The El Valle Amphibian Conservation center was on a dirt road not far from the town open market. It was about the size of a suburban ranch house. It occupied the back corner of a small, sleepy zoo. The entire building was filled with tanks to house frogs.

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