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Elizabeth Kolbert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters VII-VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many auk beaks were found in an ancient grave in Canada?
(a) More than 100.
(b) 300.
(c) 150.
(d) About 50.

2. When was it difficult to avoid stepping on frogs in Sierra Nevada?
(a) 1950s.
(b) 1940s.
(c) 1970s.
(d) 1960s.

3. How long were auk eggs?
(a) 6 inches.
(b) About 5 inches.
(c) 4 inches.
(d) About 3 inches.

4. What was on the ground at One Tree Island?
(a) Sand.
(b) Black dirt.
(c) Lava stones.
(d) Coral rubble.

5. What was the second-largest coral reef located?
(a) Caribbean.
(b) Off the coast of Belize.
(c) Red Sea.
(d) Indian ocean.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what country were Norway rats from?

2. In the 1970s, how many species of birds were discovered to live on One Tree?

3. What did golden frogs look like when they walk?

4. When did Darwin write to Anton Dohrn, founder of a marine biological station at Castello Aragonese?

5. How much did Icelanders pay in 1971 to buy the auk back?

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