Objects & Places from The Sixth Extinction

Elizabeth Kolbert
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El Valle de Anton

This was a town built on the site of a four-mile wide volcanic crater.

Panamanian Golden Frog

This was a species found in Central Panama, was believed to bring good fortune, and appeared to be extinct by 2002.

Background Extinction

This involved the disappearance of species that took place slowly and rarely, even more rarely than speciation.

Panamanian Ants

These created small paths that crisscrossed with a main path as this species made trips to get greenery for its colonies.

Fossil Dating

This was a method of determining how old bones or other remains were based upon the rocks were they were found.


This referred to the fact that the larger area there was for species; the more species there were in that area.

Global Warming

This was an increase in temperatures that seemed to be occurring worldwide and was believed to be damaging...

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