The Sixth Extinction Fun Activities

Elizabeth Kolbert
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Works by Elizabeth Kolbert

Read another book written by Kolbert.

Fossil Chart

Create a chart of fossils that might be found in one of the areas discussed in the book.


Create a glossary of terms used in the book.


Imagine that you are a tour guide hired to create a geological tour for someone like Kolbert. Create an itinerary and description of the places that you would have her visit. Explain why she should visit each place.


Create a diorama of Castello Aragonese and the science station located there.


Consider the different types of scientists mentioned in the book. Write a few paragraphs discussing the type of scientist you would like to be, the education you would need, and a research project you might perform.

One Tree Island

Narrate a tour of One Tree Island.


Write ten questions that you would use if...

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