The Sixth Extinction Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Elizabeth Kolbert
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Essay Topic 1

Early in the 21st century, frogs began dying out in various areas. Why were frogs placed in sanctuaries at that time, and what factors make it impossible to release them back into the wild?

Essay Topic 2

It was proposed that a sixth extinction was occurring on our planet. What was the sixth extinction and why do some believe it is another mass extinction?

Essay Topic 3

The term extinction wasn't known until the 18th century. How did the scientist Cuvier determine through research that some animals were lost species?

Essay Topic 4

In the 18th century some scientists believed in transformation of species. What was transformation of species and why didn't Cuvier believe transformation was possible?

Essay Topic 5

Lyell disagree with the theory that catastrophes were responsible for geological changes. What did Lyell believe was responsible for geological changes and what evidence did he believe he had to...

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