The Sixth Extinction Character Descriptions

Elizabeth Kolbert
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Jean-Leopold Curvier

This person was a naturalist whose research lead to the concept of extinction of species.

Charles Lyell

This person was a naturalist and a uniformitarian who believed that the Earth and its species gradually changed.

Charles Darwin

This person was a Cambridge graduate who joined the HMS Beagle for a survey and remapping expedition.

David Raup

This person was a paleontologist believed that most species were not at risk for extinction or endangerment.

Pascal Tassy

This person was the modern-day director of the Museum of Natural History and specialized in the study of proboscideans.

Charles Willson Peale

This person established the first natural history museum in America in Philadelphia.

Mary Anning

This person discovered the first dinosaur fossil which was first thought to be a large bird.

Thomas Jefferson

This person sent men on an expedition to the Northwest United States hoping they would find a living...

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