The Sixth Extinction Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth Kolbert
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Chapters I-II

• In Central Panama was a town named El Valley de Anton that sat atop a four-mile volcano crater.

• Golden-frog figurines were sold in its markets four tourist.

• The Panamanian Golden Frog was a common sight in the area with its bright yellow coloring with brown splotches.

• It was considered to be a lucky symbol.

• At one time the forest floor and river banks were coated with them, and then they began to disappear.

• They disappeared in first one region and then another.

• By 2002 they were wiped out.

• Scientists noted the decrease in the number of frogs, and a place was created to save the frogs by keeping them in indoor tanks.

• By the time the research team acted, most of the frogs were gone.

• A few were saved and kept in rooms at a local bed and breakfast.

• David Wake and Vance Vredenburg, herpetologists, wrote an...

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