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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-18, 'A Traumatic Experience I'll Live to Regret, Assuming I Live' and 'Larger Than Life, in Your Face, Undeniable Schwa'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had the Schwa's mother gone to get when she disappeared and never returned?
(a) Beef.
(b) Sugar.
(c) Cigarettes.
(d) Beer.

2. Who likes to be in charge of the kitchen in Chapter 10?
(a) Antsy's mother.
(b) Antsy's father.
(c) Antsy's sister.
(d) Antsy.

3. Antsy and his friends determine that how many students notice the Schwa in a classroom?
(a) 4 in 5.
(b) 3 in 5.
(c) 1 in 5.
(d) 9 in 10.

4. The manager of the supermarket tells Lexie and Antsy that he remembers a child being abandoned but not ________.
(a) What day of the week it was.
(b) What year it was.
(c) What happened to the mother.
(d) The child's name.

5. How old was the Schwa when his mother disappeared?
(a) 11.
(b) 2.
(c) 8.
(d) 5.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ira has ambitions to become a _________ when he grows up.

2. Why is the Schwa unable to steal a bowl from Old Man Crawley's home in Chapter 5?

3. What does the Night Butcher tell Antsy when he speaks to him?

4. Whom does Antsy call from the hospital in Chapter 11?

5. Why is there no traffic on the expressway in Chapter 18, "Larger Than Life, in Your Face, Undeniable Schwa"?

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