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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-8, 'The Lowest-Paid Male Escort on the Entire Eastern Seaboard, Except for Maybe the Bronx' and 'Are Those Your Fingers in My Mouth, or Are You Just Happy to Not See Me?'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is a confident and successful straight A student who seems to do well at everything he tries in the novel?
(a) Frankie.
(b) Antsy.
(c) Ira.
(d) The Schwa.

2. In Chapter 8, Lexie tells the Schwa that he has a face like ___________.
(a) The surface of the moon.
(b) Waves on the ocean.
(c) Sweet-cream ice-cream.
(d) A pane of glass.

3. What is the name of the company where Antsy's father works?
(a) Erickson Electronics.
(b) Farmer Feed.
(c) Thomas Telecommunications.
(d) Pisher Plastics.

4. In what class of Antsy's does the Schwa sit next to him?
(a) Science.
(b) History.
(c) English.
(d) Algebra.

5. The Schwa is referred to as being __________.
(a) Functionally invisible.
(b) Effectively invisible.
(c) Ironically invisible.
(d) Virtually invisible.

Short Answer Questions

1. Old Man Crawley tells Antsy and the Schwa that they will have to work off their debt for breaking into his house by doing what chore?

2. What is Antsy's father the most passionate about in the novel?

3. Who points out the Schwa when he raises his hand in class in Chapter 3?

4. A girl agrees to pay to see the Schwa do what in Chapter 4?

5. Ira has ambitions to become a _________ when he grows up.

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