The Schwa Was Here Character Descriptions

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Antsy, Anthony Bonano

This narrator of the novel is an Italian teenager who lives in Brooklyn.

The Schwa, Calvin Schwa

This character is a young teenage boy lives in Brooklyn, and he is easily overlooked by people.

Lexie, Lexis Crawley

This blind character visits her grandfather for the summer and stays with him in his apartment.

Old Man Crawley, Mr. Crawley

This character is an elderly man who lives in an apartment above a restaurant in the area of Brooklyn where the narrator lives.

Antsy's Father

This character is an Italian who loves to cook and who works for Pisher Plastics.

Antsy's Mother

This character is an Italian housewife who takes pride in her home and family.

The Schwa's Father

This mentally handicapped character lives with his son in a house in Brooklyn.

The Schwa's Mother

This mysterious character in the novel disappeared from a grocery store when...

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