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Chapters 1-2, 'Manny Bullpucky Gets His Sorry Butt Hurled off the Marine Park Bridge' and 'The Weird and Mostly Tragic History of the Schwa, Which is Entirely True if You Trust My Sources'

• Anthony Bonano, nicknamed Antsy, is a young teenager living in Brooklyn, New York. He is the narrator of the novel.

• Antsy's father works for Pisher Plastics and has instructed Antsy and his friends to test a new 'unbreakable' dummy.

• The boys name the dummy 'Manny Bullpucky' and decide to drop him off the Marine Park Bridge to see if he breaks.
• The head of the dummy breaks off, and a boy is standing with the head who introduces himself as Calvin Schwa.

• Schwa says he is in Antsy's science class and asks if he can help test the dummy, but Ira is very unfriendly and so he decides to leave.

• Ira explains that he has...

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