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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rincewind believe is the best way to survive?

2. What is the literal meaning of the world Skund, the forest where Twoflower and Rincewind are located?

3. What does the greatest hero in Discworld NOT answer when he is asked what is it that a man may call the greatest things in life?

4. Where does the woman tell Rincewind he is?

5. How does Trymon first try to kill Galder?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Trolls tell Rincewind is happening to them?

2. Describe the cottage that is found.

3. What happens to Rincewind when he is first in the forest?

4. Describe what happens to the Octavo after the sun light hits it?

5. What happens after Rincewind drinks the medicine the old necromancer gives him?

6. What do the people do after the Luggage eats the book?

7. What are the suggestions thought of to get the wizards out of the room?

8. Why do the people in the city explain that they are burning all magical books?

9. Explain the conversation that Cohen and Rincewind have after Cohen announces that he and Bethan are going to get married.

10. When Trymon calls a meeting what does he explain he has done in order to locate Rincewind and what is the reaction to this decision?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Part 1) What is the reason that Cohen and Bethan are drawn to each other?

Part 2) What effect did Bethan's lifestyle have on her character since she had spent the last eight years getting ready to be a sacrifice?

Essay Topic 2

Part 1) Take a close look at Trymon's character. What were his attributes? What in his personality lead to his downfall?

Part 2) When the other wizards came to congratulate him why did he turn them to stone?

Part 3) What did it convey that the wizards wanted to congratulate Trymon even after he had locked them in the dungeon and taken the Octavo?

Essay Topic 3

Part 1) What was significant about the Octavo being able to talk to Rincewind?

Part 2) What does it imply that the book was a plain black book once the spells were in Trymon?

Part 3) What did the Octavo represent for Trymon? What did it represent for Rincewind?

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