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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wert say will happen if one mind holds all the spells?
(a) It will break down and leave a hole.
(b) The person will be transported to the Demon Dimension.
(c) No one is sure, but they are certain it will be unpleasant.
(d) The person's mind will explode.

2. What does the ferryman say when Herrena asks about the usual ferryman?
(a) Corporate downsizing.
(b) He got transfered.
(c) It is his day off?
(d) He feel in last week and is still recuperating.

3. What odd happens as the Octavo tumbles to the floor?
(a) An unseen hand grabs it.
(b) It goes through the stones.
(c) It doesn't reach the floor.
(d) It becomes translucent.

4. What happens to Trymon?
(a) One of the beasts eats him.
(b) He is pulled into another dimension.
(c) He falls over the edge of the tower.
(d) One of the spells kills him.

5. How many times does Twoflower say that Rincewind has almost been killed within the last year?
(a) Fifty-five.
(b) Actually none if you come to think about it.
(c) Four.
(d) Twenty-seven.

Short Answer Questions

1. What feature of Trymon seems odd when Rincewind reaches the top of the stairs?

2. Who is helping Rincewind when Twoflowers approaches him in the end of the story?

3. What happens to Herrena that stops her form killing Cohen?

4. Who appears and explains why the spells didn't work?

5. What does Weems tell Rincewind after the Luggage has disappeared?

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