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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the Octavo go?
(a) It becomes a small turtle.
(b) The Luggage eats it.
(c) It disappears into the Demon Dimension.
(d) It magically is blank and the spells are all gone.

2. What does Wert say will happen if one mind holds all the spells?
(a) The person will be transported to the Demon Dimension.
(b) It will break down and leave a hole.
(c) No one is sure, but they are certain it will be unpleasant.
(d) The person's mind will explode.

3. What does Bethan tell Rincewind to do when Rincewind says it is all over?
(a) To go help Twoflower.
(b) To run away.
(c) To go find Cohen.
(d) To try anyway.

4. What does Cohen notice that the Luggage is doing when Twoflower is kicked?
(a) It has disappeared.
(b) It is guarding Bethan.
(c) It is looking up--as much as it can look up.
(d) It is guarding Rincewind and the Octavo.

5. What does Rincewind say he hopes the shop sells when he first wakes up?
(a) Tickets out of crazy town.
(b) Knives.
(c) Maps.
(d) Magical spells.

6. What does Cohen tell Bethan to help him do?
(a) Apply more liniment.
(b) Snap his back into place.
(c) Help him make soup.
(d) Pick up the pieces of diamond from the Troll's shattered teeth.

7. What does Twoflower say he notices on Rincewind that makes him think Rincewind is being serious?
(a) Rincewind is refusing to cry.
(b) The vein on the side of his forehead.
(c) His teeth gritting.
(d) His knuckles are white.

8. What can the Great A'Tuin recall as it nears the glowing red of the dwarf star?
(a) That this is what it was created for.
(b) That life depends on this moment.
(c) He left the stove on.
(d) Doing all this before.

9. What does Cohen have the jeweler do with the diamonds he brought in?
(a) Uses it to jewel the handle of his sword.
(b) Uses it for payment for a house for Bethan.
(c) Turns it into a necklace for Bethan.
(d) Make dentures out of them.

10. Where does Rincewind say they are going?
(a) To look for a place to hide.
(b) Unseen University.
(c) To find an old friend.
(d) To find the Octavo.

11. What are the other wizards doing when Rincewind reaches the top of the steps?
(a) Cowering in the corner.
(b) Fighting off imaginary beasts.
(c) Standing very still like statues.
(d) Being sucked into a vortex of death.

12. What does NOT appear on the ceiling when the black orb is retracted?
(a) A mouse in a sombrero.
(b) A suit of armor.
(c) A stuffed crocodile looking surprised.
(d) An advertisement for a bedtime drink.

13. What does Rincewind see when he first wakes up in the shop?
(a) A mouse with an odd hat.
(b) A suit of armor.
(c) The Luggage.
(d) A stuffed crocodile.

14. What about the noises that they hear convinces Rincewind and the others that they can't possibly be a danger?
(a) The cries for momies.
(b) The wheezing sounds.
(c) The fact that some of them are yelling about peeing their pants.
(d) They soft crying.

15. What's painted on the doors in the city?
(a) A yellow sun.
(b) A red star.
(c) The Great A'Tuin.
(d) A picture of the Disk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Twoflower give Rincewind?

2. How many times does Twoflower say that Rincewind has almost been killed within the last year?

3. What does Cohen find in the Luggage when he pries the lid open?

4. What happens to each spell as Rincewind says it?

5. Who do they summon when they come to the river?

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