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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rincewind say he is going to build his house?
(a) Underground.
(b) On the ocean.
(c) On the flattest country he can find.
(d) On a cliff somewhere.

2. Why does the shop keeper say he stopped when he did in the alley way?
(a) To use the bathroom.
(b) His horoscope told him to.
(c) To find someone that owed him money.
(d) To get his bearings.

3. What does Twoflower give Rincewind?
(a) Gold.
(b) A magic ring.
(c) The Luggage.
(d) An address and an open invite to come visit.

4. What does Rincewind tell Bethan that he needs when he arrives in the empty alleyway?
(a) A map of the Unseen University's plumbing.
(b) A pint of mouse blood.
(c) A knife.
(d) A wizard's hat.

5. Where does Twoflower say he is going?
(a) On another adventure.
(b) To Cohen's wedding.
(c) To see the pyramids.
(d) Back home.

6. Who opens the door where the wizards are locked up?
(a) A magical mouse.
(b) Bethan.
(c) Rincewind.
(d) Cohen.

7. What does the shopkeeper explain is his curse?
(a) To always have to pay high prices for his inventory.
(b) To run the shop forever without closing.
(c) To never return to his home.
(d) To remain alone.

8. What happens to Herrena that stops her form killing Cohen?
(a) The Luggage eats her.
(b) Rincewind throws a rock at her.
(c) Bethan hits her in the head with a stick.
(d) She is hit by a magic arrow.

9. What does Twoflower do when he realizes that the ferryman is Cohen?
(a) Runs up and hugs him.
(b) Pretends to faint.
(c) Starts laughing.
(d) Tells Herrena that she has had it now.

10. What does Bethan tell Rincewind to do when Rincewind says it is all over?
(a) To go help Twoflower.
(b) To go find Cohen.
(c) To run away.
(d) To try anyway.

11. What does Rincewind see when he first wakes up in the shop?
(a) A stuffed crocodile.
(b) A mouse with an odd hat.
(c) A suit of armor.
(d) The Luggage.

12. What is Rincewind having the work crews do at the end of the story?
(a) Repaint the main hall for a feast.
(b) Organizing the library.
(c) Lower the statues of the wizards to the ground.
(d) Rebuild the Unseen University's gates.

13. Where does Rincewind say they are going?
(a) To find an old friend.
(b) Unseen University.
(c) To look for a place to hide.
(d) To find the Octavo.

14. What does Twoflower say when Rincewind asks him if he can use a sword?
(a) Of course. It's the same as playing ball.
(b) He has trained with the best.
(c) He has never tried.
(d) He used to have little figurines that had swords.

15. How many times does Twoflower say that Rincewind has almost been killed within the last year?
(a) Actually none if you come to think about it.
(b) Fifty-five.
(c) Four.
(d) Twenty-seven.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rincewind say he hopes the shop sells when he first wakes up?

2. What feature of Trymon seems odd when Rincewind reaches the top of the stairs?

3. What happens to the eight dark spheres orbiting the red star after the Octavo spells are said correctly?

4. What does the man say when Bethan asks if the shop is magical?

5. What is described as a more accurate description of Ankh-Morpork?

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