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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the girl rescued from the rock tell Rincewind and Twoflower that it isn't for a girl to do?
(a) Remain a member of the sacrificial organization.
(b) Be taken seriously when tied to a rock.
(c) Keep in the Druid's good graces.
(d) Keep her qualification.

2. Why does Rincewind say that they can't eat the mushroom that Twoflower finds under the bush?
(a) The fluting is all wrong.
(b) It is the wrong color.
(c) He doesn't like the way it looks at him.
(d) It has doors and windows.

3. Where does Rincewind realize he is at?
(a) In the demon's realm.
(b) In the Octavo.
(c) In the outer deminsions.
(d) In Twoflower's mind.

4. What is the last card the old woman turns over?
(a) The bad rash card.
(b) Death.
(c) War.
(d) The apocolypse.

5. What does Death say he had been doing when the wizards called him?
(a) He was in the middle of ..... business.
(b) He was at a party.
(c) He was in the bath.
(d) He was making cookies.

6. What makes Trolls slow?
(a) Cold.
(b) Arthritis.
(c) Rain.
(d) Heat.

7. What kind of house does Swires take them too?
(a) A gingerbread cottage.
(b) A house of sticks.
(c) A house made of teeth.
(d) A house of bricks.

8. What does the Chancellor NOT say he will need in the front of the book when he cannot get a volunteer?
(a) A belly dancer.
(b) Two pints of cat blood.
(c) A small whip.
(d) Some silver tweezers.

9. What does Herrena say is the reason she wasn't cut out to be a wife?
(a) Her temper is too short.
(b) She had broken the colar bone of the first man that propsed.
(c) She is too smart.
(d) She was used to running things.

10. What does the Chancellor, Galder, first see forming inside the magic fireball?
(a) The universe.
(b) The Great A'Tuin's face.
(c) More magic smoke.
(d) Something like the offspring of an octopus and a bicycle.

11. What does Twoflower say is the name of the card game he was playing?
(a) A type of gardening tool he thinks.
(b) The name translates to something over water.
(c) Bingo.
(d) He can't remember but he is sure it is great fun.

12. What does Greyhald Spold, the oldest wizard alive, forget to put in his safety box designed to keep Death away?
(a) A kitchen.
(b) Air holes.
(c) A pair of warm slippers.
(d) A bathroom.

13. What is the employment of Trolls in Ankh-Morpork?
(a) Enforcers of about anything really.
(b) Body guards.
(c) Professional fighters.
(d) Animal catchers.

14. What does Rincewind smell while on the rock?
(a) Dead rotting beef carcass.
(b) The smell of magic.
(c) Baccon frying.
(d) Perfume.

15. What does Rincewind tell the Octavo that he wants to do?
(a) Become a real wizard.
(b) Have a bloody pickle and go to bed.
(c) Go home.
(d) Get the spell out of his head.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rincewind describe the relationship between him and Twoflower to the man who puts a knife to his throat?

2. What does Death explain happened with the Octavo?

3. What does the Octavo say will happen if all eight spells are said together too soon?

4. What did NOT happen to the wizards while they were looking for answers?

5. What does Rincewind explain that the woman in the white dress with the Druids is for?

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