The Light Fantastic Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Discworld.

Discworld is a flat disk. It sits on the back of four giant elephants. These sit on the back of the Great A'Tuin although it isn't known if A'Tuin is a male or a female.

2. Describe the Octavo.

The Octavo is a magical book that holds eight magic spells. One of the spells is in the head of Rincewind. The book is covered in padlocks and is covered in tatty leather.

3. What does Death tell the wizards is going on?

Death explains that the book sent out a spell to alter reality so that Rincewind would be saved since one of the spells is stuck in his head. Death says that if all the eight spells aren't said together before Hogswatch that the world will be destroyed. The wizards are confused about this but Death doesn't tell them anything else.

4. How is Twoflower described?

Twoflower is a visitor from another planet. He believes the best in everyone. Twoflower hires Rincewind as his tour guide. Twoflower is said to be Discworld's first and last tourist.

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