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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 201-208.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Weems tell Rincewind after the Luggage has disappeared?
(a) Weems says he will let Rincewind go if he will help him.
(b) Weems says he will kill Rincewind before he goes.
(c) Weems tells Rincewind he has magic charms of his own.
(d) Weems says he is afraid of nothing.

2. What does Twoflower show Cohen?
(a) His false teeth.
(b) A new dance move.
(c) The proper ettiquete of dental hygeine.
(d) A picture of his home.

3. What does the astronomer NOT say will happen as they near the red star?
(a) The planet will begin to spin wildly.
(b) There will be tidal waves.
(c) There will be discquakes.
(d) There will be gravitational disruption.

4. What is the literal meaning of the world Skund, the forest where Twoflower and Rincewind are located?
(a) Bowling Balls of Magical Proportions.
(b) Your Finger You Fool.
(c) Your red scarf matches your eyes.
(d) No, not there. Anywhere but there.

5. What unique attribute is Ankh-Morpork said to have that its citizens are proud of?
(a) Its smell.
(b) Its organized crime rate.
(c) Its size.
(d) The willingness for the general populace to accept any travesty that comes along.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Troll explain is the reason they are dying out?

2. What does Cohen tell the man that he feels like doing when the man says that all magical books must be burned?

3. What does the man say when Bethan asks if the shop is magical?

4. Why false reason does the Unseen University give for not allowing women to be admitted?

5. What are the other wizards doing when Rincewind reaches the top of the steps?

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