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The Discworld - This place is an imaginary world where the novel takes place. It sits on top of four elephants, which the Great A'Tuin carries on his back.

Unssen University - This is the institution that trains wizards.

The Art Tower - From here you can see the edge of the world. Trymon and Rincewind fight here.

The Lower Cellar - This place hold the Octavo book.

Ankh Morpork - This is a polluted city that is home to Rincewind and the wizarding school.

The Magic Shop - This place appears in front of Rincewind, Twoflower and Bethan when they are running away from the star people. The person owning this place takes them back to their city.

Octavo - This is the book of the eight spells. One of the spells is in Rincewind's head, and his mission is to put it back into...

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