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P. 1-28

• The Octavo releases a spell.

• Rincewind and Twoflowers are suddenly taken from outer space and land in the middle of the forest.

• The wizards summon Death and learn that the universe will be destroyed if the spells from the Octavo aren't said together before Hogswatch.

• Trymon gives the librarian a banana in exchange for showing him a book on the pyramids, the pyramid of Tshut that explain the destruction of the Discworld.

P.29 - 58

• Rincewind and Twoflower go to a gingerbread cottage to stay for a time.

• Trymon reads up on the information about the short pyramid and learns what is coming but shares this information with no one else.

• Several wizards are tracking Rincewind to capture him because he has one of the eight spells in his head.

• Rincewind and Twoflower make an escape from several wizards using a magic broom and land on a...

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