The Invention of Tradition Short Answer Test Questions

Eric Hobsawm and Terence Ranger
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1. In chapter one, the author introduces his concept of ________ which are tied to false histories and have contemporary origins.

2. Hobsbawm asserts that the overtly or tacitly accepted rules of traditions must have a ______ nature.

3. According to the author, values and norms are established through ______ in ritual and tie back to the past.

4. The author suggests that the ______ established in created rituals is false and only seems real in the mind.

5. Hobsbawm makes a point to distinguish traditions from ______, which allow more fluctuation.

6. The author also makes a distinction between traditions and ______, which have no ritual or symbolic significance.

7. The author suggests that one of the aspects of _______ is the fact that they have an ideological function.

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