The Invention of Tradition Fun Activities

Eric Hobsawm and Terence Ranger
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Family Tradition Book

Have each student create a book that outlines the traditions they celebrate in their own families.

Tracing a Tradition in the Family

Taking one family tradition, have students write or sketch out the history of the tradition's origins. Was it an invented tradition or did it have a place in history as well?

New Traditions for the Future

Encourage students to create a new tradition they might want to implement in their family now or in future generations.

The History of One's History

Have students write up the story of their ancestors' places of origin, using stories from family members and research on genealogy websites.

How to Invent a Tradition

Breaking up into groups, have students create a plan that would help invent a tradition for a society. What steps might need to be taken in order to spread a tradition around the world?

One Culture, Many Traditions

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