The Invention of Tradition Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eric Hobsawm and Terence Ranger
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Chapter 1, Introduction, Inventing Traditions

• Invented traditions include those which were made up.

• Some traditions are tied to false histories.

• The differences between traditions and customs is discussed.

• Ancient materials are often used to construct invented traditions.

Chapter 2, The Invention of Tradition, The Highland Tradition of Scotland

• The notion of a distinct Highland is a myth that did not exist prior to the seventeenth century.

• The culture of the Highlands was a crude imitation of the Irish culture.

• At one time, the Scots were merely Irish invaders from the fifth century A.D.

• The Highland Society spread the Highland garb around the area.

• The book, Costume of Clans, reinforced the myth.

Chapter 3, From a Death to a View: The Hunt for the Welsh Past in the Romantic Period

• The cultural life of the Welsh seemed to be in decay in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

• A loss of...

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