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Short Answer Questions

1. Who once did a production of Love's Labour's Lost where the character called Constable Dull was dressed as a Victorian policeman because his name at once conjured up the typical figure of the London bobby?

2. The closer the actor approaches what, the more requirements he is asked to separate, understand and fulfill simultaneously?

3. "Both [rough and holy] theatres feed on deep and true ______ in their audiences."

4. The author claims that the price of being a great tragedian or musical conductor is that "the material you use to create these imaginary people who you can pick up and discard like a glove" is what?

5. What equation does the author give for the formula we are about to be upon?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author view Method acting?

2. What does the author discuss as an ideal in Marat/Sade?

3. What does the author describe happening when a Brechtian approach is applied to other works?

4. What does the author point out about the source of conflict in Shakespeare's work?

5. What is the author's presumed opinion of the works and style of Brecht? How is Brecht similar to Shakespeare?

6. What is the rough experience which comes from Marat/Sade?

7. How does Shakespeare embody both The Rough Theatre and The Holy Theatre?

8. The author gives a formula for creating and defining theatre. What is this formula?

9. What does the author say of change and liberation regarding "The Rough Theatre"?

10. How does the author compare the cinema to the theatre?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the playwright/theorist/director, Antoine Artaud. What is Artaud's contribution to the theatre? What is his influence on the author of The Empty Space?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss "The Holy Theatre." What does this term mean? How is Holy Theatre achieved? What are its principle elements and concerns?

Essay Topic 3

What is the playwright's role in the theatre? How is his/her role considered one of the most difficult within the creative process?

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