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Short Answer Questions

1. The author writes, "What has not been appreciated sufficiently is that the freedom of movement of the ____ theatre was not only a matter of scenery."

2. Which country produced a television version of Ubu Roi which captivated the audience with its surrealism?

3. From what play does the author quote the line, "It was in the year of 18-- that a young student, Roman Rodianovitchi Raskolnikov..."?

4. In performance, what is the relationship the author establishes?

5. Whose recent production of Coriolanus underlines the whole question of where illusion begins and ends, according to the author (and the time the book was written)?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the author point out about the source of conflict in Shakespeare's work?

2. How does the author describe the difference between staging in "rough" theatre versus traditional theatre?

3. How does the author view "pre-planning" in approaching a rehearsal process?

4. What does the author describe happening when a Brechtian approach is applied to other works?

5. What does the author view as the "ideal" training for an actor?

6. How does Shakespeare embody both The Rough Theatre and The Holy Theatre?

7. What is one example of Shakespeare's which the author uses as an example in "The Rough Theatre", and what is he saying with this example?

8. How does the author view "the actor?" Which British actors does the author compare in "The Immediate Theatre"?

9. What is the difference and similarity between a "Happening" and "alienation"?

10. What does the author speak of regarding Shakespeare and the Rough Theatre?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the meaning of "Immediate Theatre." How is this form of the art created? What ideals must be in place for Immediate Theatre to take place?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the role of the actor in the creation of theatre. How does one best approach this role? What is the actor's relationship with the director? With the audience?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss "The Holy Theatre." What does this term mean? How is Holy Theatre achieved? What are its principle elements and concerns?

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