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1. What are the four forms of theatre the author discusses, and where can they be found?

Deadly Theatre, Holy Theatre, Rough Theatre and Immediate Theatre are the four forms of which the author writes. Sometimes these four theatres really exist, standing side by side, in the West End of London, or in New York off Times Square. Sometimes they are hundreds of miles apart.

2. What metaphor does the author use for the theatre in the first section of the book, and what is his meaning?

"The theatre has often been called a whore," the author says, meaning its art is impure. He goes on to elaborate, "but today this is true in another sense--whores take the money and then go short on the pleasure."

3. How do Deadly Theatre and Shakespeare intersect?

The Deadly Theatre takes easily to Shakespeare. We see his plays done by good actors in what seems like the proper way--they look lively and colorful, there is music and everyone is all dressed up, just as they are supposed to be in the best of classical theatres. Yet secretly, we find it excruciatingly boring.

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