The Empty Space Character Descriptions

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The Author (Peter Brook)

In the 1960s and 70s, this British theatre director and teacher was viewed, by theatre practitioners and audiences alike, as one of the most daring and innovative theatre artists in the world. His work directly, at times brazenly, challenged traditional ways of understanding, developing, and presenting theatre.

The Dramatist

This theatre practitioner is, to the author, the ultimate source of the creative impulse--it is his/her interest in a particular aspect of humanity, and his/her skills at exploring and creating that aspect of humanity, that brings a play into existence and that ultimately gives it its meaning. This person must have the ability (in terms of both talent and skill) to bring idealism to life.

The Audience

This is an indispensable component for the creation of effective, true theatre. It is this intellectual and emotional presence that gives theatre its meaning and helps...

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