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The Deadly Theatre, part 1 (pp. 11-30)

• The author suggest that successful theatre is not of vibrant sensation and/or over-stimulation of the senses and emotions, but theatre in which members of an audience become emotionally and spiritually involved with "the man [walking] across the empty space."

• Theatre that doesn't function to connect with its audience is "deadly" theatre--theatre of dullness; in short, "deadly" theatre is theatre that, in his definition, is simply "bad".

• Two qualities create deadly theatre: lack of human honesty in the production and lack of openness to that honesty in an audience.
• Both qualities of deadly theatre are the result of people doing things for the wrong reason, such as productions created solely to make money, managers who are too budget-conscious, and/or audiences who come to the theatre for reasons other than wanting to be engaged and/or moved.

• For theatre to be successful...

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