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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Robert Lovett represent for Kennedy?
(a) A link to previous administrations.
(b) A connection with the opposition.
(c) A bright new talent.
(d) A brilliant theoretical thinker.

2. What state does Halberstam say the Vietcong were in when Kennedy sent the fact-finding mission in 1961?
(a) They were using guerilla tactics ineffectively.
(b) They were committed and had good leadership.
(c) They had opposition in the civilian populace.
(d) They were fragmented and plagued with in-fighting.

3. Where does the book open?
(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) Kennedy's Georgetown townhouse.
(c) Vietnam.
(d) Kennedy's family home in Massachusetts.

4. Which problem did NOT arise for the Kennedy administration during 1961?
(a) Bay of Pigs invasion.
(b) Arms race.
(c) Escalation of problems in Laos.
(d) Financial crisis.

5. What does Halberstam say McNamara had done while he was at Ford?
(a) Raised the quality of the product without raising the cost.
(b) Busted a unionization attempt.
(c) Created a fiscal crisis.
(d) Innovated in the design of the production process.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Halberstam say was the result of the Chinese Revolution and the McCarthy period?

2. What had Robert Lovett been before entering government?

3. Whom did Robert Lovett recommend to Kennedy for Secretary of State?

4. When Kennedy did not authorize more troops, what does Halberstam say he told the Pentagon?

5. What policy did Rostow support in Vietnam?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the American government's relationship with Diem in 1961?

2. What crises confronted the Kennedy administration in 1961?

3. What did Kennedy's representatives report back after their 1961 fact-finding mission?

4. What was the Kennedy administration's image with the American people?

5. Who was Robert McNamara and what was his role in the formation of Vietnam policy?

6. Who was Frederick Nolting, and what was his role in Vietnam?

7. Why didn't the U.S. gain the loyalty of the Vietnamese peasants?

8. What did Lovett and Kennedy discuss during their meeting?

9. Describe Vietnam's problems with the Buddhist monks.

10. How did the White House eventually try to limit the military?

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