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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the recommendation that came out of the fact-finding mission of 1961?
(a) That the U.S. commit military advisers.
(b) That the U.S. send 8,000 troops.
(c) That the U.S. send 100,000 troops.
(d) That the U.S. commit 20,000 troops.

2. What does Halberstam say McNamara learned that he had to do in order to argue against nuclear weapons?
(a) Make a good argument for conventional weapons.
(b) Make emotional appeals to the electorate.
(c) Demonize his opponents.
(d) Discredit military analysts in favor of nuclear weapons.

3. Why didn't Kennedy offer the position of Secretary of State to McGeorge Bundy?
(a) Bundy was too old and conservative.
(b) Bundy had a reputation for saying damaging things off the cuff.
(c) Bundy was a Republican and too young.
(d) Bundy did not have the support of the Jews.

4. Why hadn't Roosevelt stopped the French from returning to Indochina after the war, in Halberstam's account?
(a) He needed France for its support of American monetary policy.
(b) He could not get a censure from the United Nations.
(c) There was no post-war plan to prevent them.
(d) He did not have the authority to.

5. When Kennedy did not authorize more troops, what does Halberstam say he told the Pentagon?
(a) To prepare a larger engagement.
(b) To plan to redeploy combat troops.
(c) To develop plans to expand the war to Cambodia.
(d) To develop an exit strategy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did McNamara achieve his goals while he was at Ford?

2. What did Robert Lovett remember about Kennedy after the assassination?

3. Whose input did the French and Americans ignore about Vietnam, in Halberstam's account?

4. What did the Geneva Convention decide in Vietnam?

5. What does Halberstam say Americans were united about in the early 1960s?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was President Johnson's position regarding Vietnam in the early days of his presidency?

2. Who was Robert McNamara and what was his role in the formation of Vietnam policy?

3. Who was interested in overthrowing Diem?

4. Who was Robert A. Lovett, and what does Halberstam say he signified for Kennedy?

5. What program did Maxwell Taylor call for in the paper he wrote on his way back from Vietnam?

6. Why did Diem and the U.S. end up working together?

7. Who was Dean Rusk, and what was his role and place in the Kennedy administration?

8. Describe what Halberstam calls 'the Bundy trip' to Vietnam.

9. What does Halberstam say the effect of the Vietnam war on the American people was?

10. What was the intelligence community's assessment of Rolling Thunder?

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