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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did McNamara say the U.S. would be out of Vietnam, when he visited the country?
(a) By the end of 1968.
(b) By 1970.
(c) By the beginning of 1966.
(d) By the end of 1965.

2. Who does Halberstam say was making the case for bombing after the 1964 election?
(a) Harkin.
(b) Harriman.
(c) McNamara.
(d) Bundy.

3. Who was named commander of American forces in Vietnam in June 1964?
(a) General Harkins.
(b) Maxwell Taylor.
(c) General William C. Westmoreland.
(d) Averell Harriman.

4. When does Halberstam say the President's thinking about bombing began to change?
(a) After the 1964 elections.
(b) After the Vietcong attack on Qui Nhon.
(c) After he realized that Khanh was not an effective leader.
(d) After the media began to carry explicit photos from the front.

5. What did the U.S. embassy offer to Diem and Nhu when the coup began?
(a) Protection against their enemies.
(b) Return to power.
(c) Retribution against their enemies.
(d) Safe conduct out of the country.

6. Who did President Johnson send to Vietnam to investigate the situation there?
(a) General Westmoreland.
(b) Maxwell Taylor.
(c) General Harkin.
(d) General Johnson.

7. What does Halberstam say the Kennedy administration found out after the coup?
(a) The Vietnamese government did not have control of the Delta.
(b) The Vietnamese government did not have its people's support.
(c) The government did not know what was going on in the war.
(d) The Buddhists were attracting dissidents in opposition to the government.

8. Who does Halberstam say was especially vocal in calling for a change in U.S. Vietnam policy?
(a) McGeorge Bundy.
(b) Maxwell Taylor.
(c) General Westmoreland.
(d) Averell Harriman.

9. Who was the only administration insider arguing against escalation?
(a) Averell Harriman.
(b) George Ball.
(c) Maxwell Taylor.
(d) McGeorge Bundy.

10. What position did Maxwell Taylor begin to support as a result of his late 1964 trip to Vietnam?
(a) International sanctions against North Vietnam.
(b) Renewing diplomatic efforts.
(c) A bombing campaign against North Vietnam.
(d) Withdrawing troops from Vietnam.

11. How did McNamara's position on bombing change over time?
(a) After the first weeks, he was sure that bombing would end the war.
(b) Years later, he would say that he had doubts about how useful bombing would be.
(c) After a year, he reversed his position entirely.
(d) After a few months, he was convinced of bombing's effectiveness.

12. When did Khanh overthrow the generals in Vietnam?
(a) December, 1963.
(b) December, 1964.
(c) April, 1965.
(d) February, 1964.

13. What plan was the U.S. government preparing for by the end of 1964?
(a) Have Cambodia and Laos intervene.
(b) Bring in a coalition of forces against the Vietcong.
(c) Have the South take military action against the North.
(d) Strike directly against China.

14. What does Halberstam say became clear by the time Rolling Thunder had been in effect for six weeks?
(a) That it was only a matter of time until Hanoi capitulated.
(b) That Rolling Thunder was not breaking the North's resistance.
(c) That Rolling Thunder was breaking the Vietcong supply routes.
(d) That Rolling Thunder was not going to make Hanoi capitulate.

15. Who was it who authorized a paper that would rationalize an exit from Vietnam?
(a) McGeorge Bundy.
(b) Averell Harriman.
(c) Robert McNamara.
(d) John McNaughton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tipped off Senator Wayne Morse about the real situation of the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

2. What was McNamara beginning to suspect in Vietnam?

3. What does Halberstam say was going to cause the realities of the war to be made public?

4. How did Lyndon Johnson want to be remembered, in Halberstam's account?

5. What does Halberstam say the administration had led the American people to believe about the war?

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