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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stance does Halberstam say the administration took as the public sentiment deteriorated?
(a) It became more removed.
(b) It became more defensive.
(c) It became more repressive.
(d) It became less forthcoming.

2. When does Halberstam say that McNamara realized he had been misled about the conditions in Vietnam?
(a) In his March 1964 trip to Vietnam.
(b) In his December 1963 trip to Vietnam.
(c) When he read the military reports in December 1963.
(d) When he received envoys from Vietnam in March of 1964.

3. What does Halberstam say Maxwell Taylor discovered was true about Khanh?
(a) Khanh was another Diem.
(b) Khanh was an opportunist and a bad strategist.
(c) Khanh was self-serving and corrupt.
(d) Khanh was an ineffectual leader.

4. What plan was the U.S. government preparing for by the end of 1964?
(a) Have Cambodia and Laos intervene.
(b) Bring in a coalition of forces against the Vietcong.
(c) Strike directly against China.
(d) Have the South take military action against the North.

5. Who does Halberstam say eventually took on the role of setting the tone for Vietnam policy?
(a) Rusk.
(b) Taylor.
(c) Harriman.
(d) Bundy.

6. What event does Halberstam say triggered bombing operations against the North?
(a) The Gulf of Tonkin Incident.
(b) The Bay of Pigs invasion.
(c) A North Vietnamese attack on American B-57 bombers.
(d) A North Vietnamese success in the Mekong Delta.

7. What does Halberstam say was the purpose of operation Rolling Thunder?
(a) To force Hanoi to capitulate.
(b) To demonstrate the benefits of democracy.
(c) To open North Vietnamese markets.
(d) To display American airpower.

8. What position did Maxwell Taylor begin to support as a result of his late 1964 trip to Vietnam?
(a) Withdrawing troops from Vietnam.
(b) A bombing campaign against North Vietnam.
(c) Renewing diplomatic efforts.
(d) International sanctions against North Vietnam.

9. What does Halberstam say was the Joint Chiefs of Staff's perception of the problem in Vietnam?
(a) They were planning to solve it with a coup.
(b) They thought it was a military problem.
(c) They thought it could be solved by bombing.
(d) They thought it could be resolved diplomatically.

10. When did Khanh overthrow the generals in Vietnam?
(a) December, 1963.
(b) February, 1964.
(c) April, 1965.
(d) December, 1964.

11. What does Halberstam say was the outcome of the report on the bombing attacks?
(a) The report resulted justifiying sending more troops and bombers to Vietnam.
(b) The report was ignored, although it delayed the bombings.
(c) The report resulted in the withdrawal of American combat troops.
(d) The report led to sanctions against the American military.

12. What does Halberstam say conditions were like in South Vietnam by the end of 1964?
(a) Improving.
(b) Deteriorating.
(c) Stabilizing.
(d) Settling into a war of attrition.

13. What were people calling for by Thanksgiving 1964, in Halberstam's account?
(a) Withdrawal.
(b) Surrender.
(c) Escalation.
(d) Victory at all costs.

14. What does Halberstam say affected the American attitude toward the war?
(a) International resistance to the war.
(b) The civil rights struggle in America.
(c) The American election schedule.
(d) The American media coverage.

15. Who does Halberstam say was making the case for bombing after the 1964 election?
(a) Harriman.
(b) Harkin.
(c) Bundy.
(d) McNamara.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Halberstam say was the result of the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

2. How does Halberstam say the Americans responded when the Vietcong attacked Pleiku?

3. What does Halberstam say was the beginning of the 'credibility gap'?

4. How does Halberstam say the U.S. spun the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

5. What feeling does Halberstam say Americans were feeling as the war went on and on?

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