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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was named to head the U.S. command in Saigon in January 1962?
(a) Maxwell Taylor.
(b) Chester Bowles.
(c) Paul Harkins.
(d) Robert McNamara.

2. How did Kennedy see Adlai Stevenson?
(a) He saw Adlai Stevenson as lazy.
(b) He saw Adlai Stevenson as indecisive.
(c) He saw Adlai Stevenson as an ideologue.
(d) He saw Adlai Stevenson as principled.

3. Which situation had the biggest effect on the Kennedy administration in 1961?
(a) The Gulf of Tonkin incident.
(b) The Bay of Pigs.
(c) China policy.
(d) The financial crisis.

4. How does Halberstam say Dean Rusk felt in the Kennedy administration?
(a) He felt like the smartest of the bunch.
(b) He felt like the spokesman of the party.
(c) He always felt like an outsider.
(d) He felt like a new kid without enough respect.

5. What were Eleanor Roosevelt's feelings about Kennedy?
(a) She admired his leadership.
(b) She did not entirely trust him.
(c) She resented his inexperience.
(d) She distrusted his Catholicism.

6. Where was the war going badly, at the time when the White House was losing faith in Diem?
(a) In Quang Nam.
(b) Around Saigon.
(c) In the Mekong Delta.
(d) In Pleiku.

7. What does Halberstam say happened that threatened the relationship between Diem and the Buddhists?
(a) The Buddhists expanded their protests.
(b) The people backed the Buddhists against Diem.
(c) Diem reneged on his promises.
(d) Diem and Nhu retreated into aristocratic aloofness.

8. What does Halberstam say was the result of the Thanksgiving Day Massacre?
(a) Maxwell Taylor was removed from his position.
(b) Kennedy increased the number of troops in Vietnam.
(c) Troops were withdrawn from the Mekong Delta.
(d) Averell Harriman was named Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs.

9. What policy did Rostow support in Vietnam?
(a) Battleship diplomacy.
(b) An aggressive anti-Communist policy.
(c) A policy of rapprochement.
(d) An appeasement policy.

10. Whose input did the French and Americans ignore about Vietnam, in Halberstam's account?
(a) Diplomats.
(b) Lower-level officers.
(c) Military advisers.
(d) Generals.

11. What does Halberstam say McNamara tried to do with his fact-finding missions to Vietnam?
(a) Provide a forum for dissenting soldiers.
(b) Conceal the deteriorating conditions.
(c) Protect the President.
(d) Publish the truth.

12. What policies had Robert Lovett been involved in crafting?
(a) Changes to Medicare.
(b) Treaties with China and Russia.
(c) The Marshall plan.
(d) A reorganization of the military.

13. What had McNamara done by the time he took over as Secretary of Defense?
(a) Consulted with Kennedy about his goals and methods.
(b) Reviewed American foreign policy.
(c) Studied and identified the problems at the Pentagon.
(d) Instituted successful reforms at Ford.

14. How did McNamara achieve his goals while he was at Ford?
(a) He used a bonus system.
(b) He inspired his underlings with rhetoric.
(c) He intimidated his inferiors.
(d) He got his people to compete against each other.

15. What did Robert Lovett represent for Kennedy?
(a) A bright new talent.
(b) A connection with the opposition.
(c) A brilliant theoretical thinker.
(d) A link to previous administrations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Geneva Convention decide in Vietnam?

2. When Kennedy did not authorize more troops, what does Halberstam say he told the Pentagon?

3. Why did the Americans back down on demands for reform in Vietnam in 1962, in Halberstam's account?

4. Who was Kennedy's military analyst on the 1961 fact-finding mission?

5. What does Halberstam say Americans were united about in the early 1960s?

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