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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the fact-finding mission discover at about the time of the problem with the Buddhist monks?
(a) Diem was not on top of the situation.
(b) The North was expanding its recruitment.
(c) Vast corruption.
(d) The U.S. was unprepared for guerilla warfare.

2. Whom had Eleanor Roosevelt wanted Kennedy to appoint as Secretary of State?
(a) Adlai Stevenson.
(b) Robert McNamara.
(c) Dean Rusk.
(d) Chester Bowles.

3. What policies had Robert Lovett been involved in crafting?
(a) Changes to Medicare.
(b) A reorganization of the military.
(c) Treaties with China and Russia.
(d) The Marshall plan.

4. What were Eleanor Roosevelt's feelings about Kennedy?
(a) She did not entirely trust him.
(b) She admired his leadership.
(c) She resented his inexperience.
(d) She distrusted his Catholicism.

5. Where does the book open?
(a) Kennedy's family home in Massachusetts.
(b) Kennedy's Georgetown townhouse.
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) Vietnam.

6. What does Halberstam say was the result of the Thanksgiving Day Massacre?
(a) Troops were withdrawn from the Mekong Delta.
(b) Averell Harriman was named Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs.
(c) Kennedy increased the number of troops in Vietnam.
(d) Maxwell Taylor was removed from his position.

7. How many soldiers had the U.S. sent to Vietnam in its first commitment of troops?
(a) 100,000 troops.
(b) 400 Special forces and 3,000 troops.
(c) 20,000 troops.
(d) 8 military advisers.

8. Why didn't Kennedy formulate a China policy, in Halberstam's account?
(a) He didn't have time.
(b) His China advisor had not been confirmed.
(c) China was experiencing a revolution.
(d) China was not a high priority.

9. Who was named to head the U.S. command in Saigon in January 1962?
(a) Robert McNamara.
(b) Chester Bowles.
(c) Maxwell Taylor.
(d) Paul Harkins.

10. How did Kennedy see Adlai Stevenson?
(a) He saw Adlai Stevenson as principled.
(b) He saw Adlai Stevenson as indecisive.
(c) He saw Adlai Stevenson as lazy.
(d) He saw Adlai Stevenson as an ideologue.

11. Where did the first confrontation take place in Indochina?
(a) Cambodia.
(b) Laos.
(c) Vietnam.
(d) Malaysia.

12. What kind of reports does Halberstam say would come from the head of the U.S. command after his 1962 appointment?
(a) Highly detailed reports.
(b) Pragmatic and diplomatic reports.
(c) Unrealistic reports.
(d) Reports that were imperial propaganda.

13. How does Halberstam say Dean Rusk felt in the Kennedy administration?
(a) He always felt like an outsider.
(b) He felt like the smartest of the bunch.
(c) He felt like a new kid without enough respect.
(d) He felt like the spokesman of the party.

14. How does Halberstam say Lyndon Johnson felt in the Kennedy administration?
(a) He felt like a teacher among his students.
(b) He felt like a socialist among capitalists.
(c) He felt like a midwesterner among East-coast men.
(d) He felt like a relic of previous administrations.

15. What issue had Kennedy and Dean Rusk had to discuss when Dean Rusk was offered the Secretary of State job?
(a) Family values.
(b) Personal morality.
(c) Rusk's Judaism.
(d) Finances.

Short Answer Questions

1. On which issue does Halberstam say the military lost its battle with the White House?

2. Who was Kennedy's military analyst on the 1961 fact-finding mission?

3. Where was the war going well, at the time when the White House was losing faith in Diem, according to Halberstam?

4. When did the problem with the Buddhist monks begin?

5. What were Diem and Nhu's politics relative to the Vietnamese population's politics?

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