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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Halberstam say marked the end of the generals' faith in Diem?
(a) The raid on the pagodas.
(b) The influence of American interests on Diem's government.
(c) The backlash against the army after the botched raids on the pagodas.
(d) The drought and subsequent humanitarian crisis.

2. Why does Halberstam say Harkins had a hard time firing one of his people in the Mekong Delta?
(a) He was told that there would be too many repercussions.
(b) He knew the person needing to be fired personally.
(c) He was told that everything was under control there.
(d) He was discouraged from using his authority.

3. Whom did Kennedy ask to be Secretary of State instead of Adlai Stevenson?
(a) Dean Rusk.
(b) Chester Bowles.
(c) Robert McNamara.
(d) McGeorge Bundy.

4. Where was the war going well, at the time when the White House was losing faith in Diem, according to Halberstam?
(a) In Quang Nam.
(b) In the Mekong Delta.
(c) Around Saigon.
(d) In Pleiku.

5. Whom did Kennedy want to act as Secretary of State?
(a) He was going to act as his own Secretary of State.
(b) Adlai Stevenson.
(c) Chester Bowles.
(d) He was going to abolish the position of Secretary of State.

6. What does Halberstam say was the problem with the Kennedy administration's pragmatism?
(a) It was not backed with muscular diplomacy.
(b) It was grounded in academic theory.
(c) It did not have real-world experience.
(d) There were too many crises at once.

7. How many troops were in Vietnam when Kennedy was assassinated?
(a) 5,000.
(b) 20,000.
(c) 3,000.
(d) 200,000.

8. Why was Chester Bowles assigned to a different position?
(a) He had been caught saying embarrassing things on an open mic.
(b) He had quarreled with Bobby Kennedy over who was in charge in Kennedy's absence.
(c) He had leaked confidential information to the press.
(d) He had disgraced himself by having an affair with one of his pages.

9. What kind of reports does Halberstam say would come from the head of the U.S. command after his 1962 appointment?
(a) Reports that were imperial propaganda.
(b) Highly detailed reports.
(c) Pragmatic and diplomatic reports.
(d) Unrealistic reports.

10. What did the Kennedy administration represent to America?
(a) Elitism and a new American nationalism.
(b) Wealth and American individualism.
(c) Catholicism and American sectionalism.
(d) Culture and American cosmopolitanism.

11. How many soldiers had the U.S. sent to Vietnam in its first commitment of troops?
(a) 20,000 troops.
(b) 8 military advisers.
(c) 400 Special forces and 3,000 troops.
(d) 100,000 troops.

12. Whom had Eleanor Roosevelt wanted Kennedy to appoint as Secretary of State?
(a) Chester Bowles.
(b) Robert McNamara.
(c) Adlai Stevenson.
(d) Dean Rusk.

13. Which situation had the biggest effect on the Kennedy administration in 1961?
(a) The Bay of Pigs.
(b) The financial crisis.
(c) The Gulf of Tonkin incident.
(d) China policy.

14. Why did the Americans back down on demands for reform in Vietnam in 1962, in Halberstam's account?
(a) Diem had begun to renege on his promises.
(b) Reforms had already been accomplished.
(c) They lost confidence that reforms could be implemented.
(d) Diem could not afford reforms.

15. What was Kennedy's position on the Cold War policies of his predecessors?
(a) He was going to continue them.
(b) He did not want to follow them.
(c) He was going to improve on them.
(d) He was going to end them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Halberstam say was the sense in the Kennedy administration as they came into office?

2. How long had Ho Chi Minh's communism associations been known to the U.S., in Halberstam's account?

3. What does Halberstam say Kennedy had done in response to the meeting with Russians in Vienna?

4. What does Halberstam say McNamara tried to do with his fact-finding missions to Vietnam?

5. What position had Robert Lovett been appointed to in 1947?

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