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Lyndon B. Johnson

This person was Vice-President in the Kennedy administration.

John F. Kennedy

This person was wealthy, well-educated, of Irish-Catholic heritage, and he was elected President.

Robert S. Lovett

This person was a well-respected statesman and financier who was a link to previous eras. He was born in Huntsville, Texas in 1895.

Chester Bowles

This person was from Connecticut and functioned as a chief foreign policy adviser during a presidential campaign.

Dean Rusk

This person was born in Georgia and was raised as a Calvinist; he became the head of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Robert McNamara

This person was the Secretary of Defense who had been a high level executive at Ford Motor Company.

William C. Westmoreland

This person was named Commander of American forces in Vietnam in June 1964.

Walt Rostow

This person was the son of a Russian Jewish immigrant and born in New York in 1916; he had...

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