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Bert Hölldobler
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Short Answer Questions

1. In what part of the ant's anatomy are the unicellular glands?

2. Which of the following is NOT a host used by fungus-growing ants in their gardens?

3. Where does "the ultimate parasite" Teleutomyrmex schneideri live?

4. In a weaver ant community, which of the following is the only group of ants exempt from nest building duties?

5. How do major workers in a weaver ant nest treat minor workers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Solenopsis flies affect the productivity of Apocephalus ants in Texas?

2. Why are Proceratium ants considered the most specialized of all egg predators?

3. What interesting collecting method did Harlow Shapely use when preserving ants?

4. How do weaver ants build their nests?

5. What is acacia?

6. What is dulosis? How is it a form of symbiosis?

7. What are the dangers of using an aspirator when collecting ant samples for study?

8. How do Teleutomyrmex schneideri ants survive?

9. How does density specialization affect competition with ant species?

10. What is the first phase of nest building in a weaver ant colony? Why does this phase require teamwork?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the study of kin recognition, scientists performed studies on various other animals and insects in the attempt of understanding how colonized animals recognize one another in a swarm. Choose two studies that did not involve ant colonies and explain their findings in regards to kin recognition. Explain how these two studies affected the way ant kinship was understood.

Essay Topic 2

Leafcutter ants are among one of the most interesting and well studies species of ants in the world. Describe what characteristics make a leafcutter ant unique. Summarize at least one major study of leafcutter ants that was presented in the text. Finally, explain how an ant garden functions. How gardens affect the lives of leafcutter ants.

Essay Topic 3

All ant colonies function with an intricate caste system for labor. Explain the various castes that each colony needs to survive. Explain the role of major and minor players within these castes. How do their roles vary? Finally, explain how an individual ant can move up in the hierarchy of this caste system.

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