The Ants Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Bert Hölldobler
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Essay Topic 1

Female ants are thought to be more valuable than male ants within the colony. Explain the role that male ants play within an ant colony. Explain why male ants are genetically created to have a shorter life span than females. Explain how ant colonies survive as almost solely female operations.

Essay Topic 2

The process of brooding young larvae is one of the most important processes in an ant colony. Explain the role the queen ant has in breeding her young. Explain the role worker ants have in the brooding. Finally, explain how chemical alteration of the larvae affects their brooding process.

Essay Topic 3

In the introduction of the text, authors Holldolber and Wilson argue the importance of ants within the scientific and ecologic communities. Explain why ants are important to most landscapes in this world. Explain why Wilson believes vertebrate animals are favored over invertebrates in...

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