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Lesson 1 (from Creative Teaching, 1)


Creative Teaching, 1

In "Organic Reading is Not New," Ashton-Warner provided a brief introduction to the history of organic teaching. In this lesson, students will examine the examples she gave and how they reflected a unique educational philosophy.


1. Class Discussion: What did Ashton-Warner mean by "organic reading"? According to her, how did the various human languages develop and how did they reflect the unique cultures of their users? What examples did she give of the traditional use of organic teaching? Why did Leo Tolstoy use this method with Russian peasant children at his school?

2. Partner Discussion: Pair up with another student and discuss Tolstoy's educational methods at his experimental school. In what ways were the students given freedoms not available at other schools? How successful was this approach? What words do you think Tolstoy would have had the children focus on as they learned to read...

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