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Map New Zealand

Draw a map of New Zealand, listing well-known features and cities, as well as the town in which Ashton-Warner taught. Include information on where most Maori live in New Zealand.

Polynesian Voyages

Using information gleaned from the Internet and books, take a world map and map the likely route that the early Polynesians (the ancestors of the Maori) took to reach New Zealand.

Land of the Long White Cloud

Using any materials you wish (papier mache, clay, etc.), make a physical relief map of New Zealand. Mark mountains and valleys, as well as shore areas and discuss how these physical features likely influenced Maori culture and development of the land.

Maori Songs

Research traditional Maori songs and bring samples in to the classroom to share with one another. If translations of lyrics are available, discuss the meanings behind the songs.

Maori Warrior Dance

Research the...

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