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Sylvia Ashton-Warner - This person in New Zealand developed innovative techniques to teach Maori children to read English.

The Maori People - These are the native peoples of New Zealand.

Keith Henderson - This person serves as the school's headmaster.

Colleen - This is a senior student at the school who serves as a teaching assistant.

Mr. Tremaine - This is an official from the New Zealand School District.

Peter - This is a school district official who advocates the author's teaching methods.

Helen - This is a senior on the school's basketball team.

New Zealand Wildlife - As these things wander into the classroom, the teacher uses them as learning opportunities for the students.

Seven - This student is a disciplinary problem who threatens other people.

Matawhero - This person physically attacked a white boy and was sent home as punishment.

Waiwini - This person is...

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