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Dick Hebdige
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Short Answer Questions

1. Skinheads obtain which of the following, to encourage a reputation of "manliness"?

2. The mass culture is associated with several aesthetics. According to Hebdige, which is an example?

3. Which writer's beliefs about style most closely resembles those of Hebdige?

4. What does Genet say about George Jackson's letters?

5. Of the following, which can be used as a symbol of style?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conclusion does Hebdige finally come to about style?

2. What does Hebdige conclude about style and how that may have been the cause of the tension between the 70's Teddy Boys and Punks?

3. How does Hebdige say Punkers' desire to be different sometimes affects them?

4. In your opinion, what is the overall message that Hebdige gets across by writing this book?

5. In Hebdige's words, what causes George Jackson to think the way he does about black cultures?

6. In terms of its relation to the subculture, what does Hebdige say happens to the object's meaning once it goes back to the dominant culture?

7. At what point in the book did Hebdige come to his conclusion about style?

8. According to Hebdige, what are the two methods used to understand subcultures?

9. How does Hebdige view a style of chaos and flux?

10. How does Hebdige say the mass culture uses style?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did black migration to London affect the black immigrants and the youth of Post-War Britain? Give specific examples and explain the positives and negatives of the move.

Essay Topic 2

Does the author agree with the notion that "style" is an art within itself or part of a greater system? Explain how he supports his opinion.

Essay Topic 3

The author says that subcultures represent a "culture of conspicuous consumption." What specific examples did he give to support this notion with regard to the 1950's Teddy Boys and Punk. (i.e. bricolage, sexuality, music, dance, journalism, law)

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