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Dick Hebdige
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hebdige say is an attribute of style?

2. What does Hebdige say the Reggae subculture is based upon?

3. Of the following, which does Hebdige say is true of George Jackson's words?

4. What does George Jackson complain about?

5. In which of the following ways, do Punks communicate language?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do many black subcultures consist of more than the youth found in white subcultures?

2. How does Hebdige view a style of chaos and flux?

3. According to Hebdige, what are the two methods used to understand subcultures?

4. Who does Hebdige say has a major affect on defining subcultures to the public?

5. Does Hebdige believe recognizing style solely as an art within itself is the most accurate way of seeing it?

6. How does Nuttal feel about the rocker jacket?

7. In Hebdige's words, what causes George Jackson to think the way he does about black cultures?

8. How does Hebdige say subcultures use style?

9. In your opinion, how does the content of this book affect present day society in America?

10. What is Hebdige's thought on Skinheads and how they portray a masculine outlook?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does the author agree with the notion that "style" is an art within itself or part of a greater system? Explain how he supports his opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Give specific examples of how the dominant culture seeks to exert control over subcultures (e.g. style - signs and signifiers).

Essay Topic 3

Explain the philosophy of the 1950's Teddy Boys. How is it different from the 1970's Teddy Boys?

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