Subculture, the Meaning of Style Short Essay - Answer Key

Dick Hebdige
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1. Does Hebdige believe subcultures can have a positive affect on individuals?

Yes, Hebdige does believe subcultures can be positive for individuals. Some who feel as if they do not "fit in" with the mass culture seek a separate system that allows them to embrace the traditions they believe represent them. Subcultures can be a constructive way to do this.

2. In Hebdige's opinion, are subcultures a form of cultural rebellion?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask, but the general answer is yes. Norms and traditions are developed at the start of a particular culture. These norms and traditions are considered the mass culture. The implementation of a belief system that is created after the fact is considered a rebellion against the mass culture.

3. In the Introduction and Chapter 1, how does Hebdige feel about the way the mass culture defines everyday life?

Hebdige believes the mass culture's definition of the elements of everyday life is inaccurate. These elements have a meaning within themselves and when they are used as the norms of the mass culture, they lose their true definitions.

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