Objects & Places from Subculture, the Meaning of Style

Dick Hebdige
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In Rastafarian Christian theology, this place represents the corrupt western society. Overthrowing this place is a central concern of the religion.


This place has a special significance to Rastafarians, who see it as the Promised Land to which they might return once the place of corruption is overthrown.


This place is where many of Britain's youth subcultures are based. Hebdige makes several references to this place throughout the book.

Safety Pin

Punk style is famous for this type of piercing. The practice has become symbolic of punk shock chic.

Rod of Correction

This item, thought to have spiritual significance, is often carried by those of Rastafarian belief.


This place, often referred to in Subculture as the West Indian origin, features prominently in cultures of Rastafarianism and reggae.


This item is sometimes used by punks to produce gravity-defying hairstyles. It also symbolizes homosexuality in...

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